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Fire Heated 

This is the most traditional method of branding.  The brands require longer lengths of time to heat up so it takes longer to perform the task, but they are inexpensive to produce and purchase.  Heated brands work by burning a scar into the animal's hide.  Fire heated branding irons can be used to brand wood, leather, and livestock.

"Did you know a freeze brand placed on a dark animal will appear white?"

Freeze Branding

These are chilled using dry ice or liquid nitrogen.  Placing the cold metal onto the animals hide damages the pigment-producing hair cells, causing the animals hair to grow back white where the brand has been applied.

Custom Branding Irons

The act of branding livestock to identify ownership begins with the ancient Egyptians and is still in use today.

Two of the most common ways of branding livestock are fire and freeze branding.

Custom Orders

Fire and freeze branding irons are built to order.  When designing the brand layout and size, keep in mind a brand placed on a small animal will grow as the animal grows.  Most brands measure about 4 inches wide and tall.  After final approval and one-half down payment is received, turn-around time is approximately one week.  

For a price quote, submissions are to include brand layout and size.  Email to acountryfarm@gmail.com or contact us. ​