Homegrown Fun! | Payson, UT

Farm Fresh Market

(1-31 October, 10am-Dark)

It has long been our desire to offer goods and services from our own country farm. All proceeds from what we grow, raise, and create goes right back into the farm for next year.

Our Farm Fresh Market specializes in falls bounty and provides a venue for unique gifts and fall decorations. Products, availability, and cost vary from year to year depending on weather conditions and crop success.

As in days gone by, farming communities sell, trade, and share what it produces so that everyone gets what they need, nothing goes to waste, and livelihoods are sustained. 
  • Pumpkins
    • Specialty & Heirloom Varieties 
    • Jack-O-Lanterns
  • Unique Gifts
  • Seasonal Décor  
  • Hand-Painted Pumpkins 

We offer:
  • Winter Squash 
  • Gourds 
  • All Natural, Raw Honey 
  • Beef Jerky 
  • Indian Corn
  • Sunflower Heads 

​Farm Fresh Products

Farm fresh products include custom cut and wrapped beef and pork, chicken eggs and goose eggs (spring time only). We also have a limited supply of live chickens and goats.​


After Halloween we dismantle the straw maze and sell the bales. Straw is best suited for animal bedding, erosion control, or mulch, as it contains limited nutritional value. 


We also offer Grass hay in big and small bales. Quantities are limited, contact us for availability and current price.

Farm Services

Custom hay cutting and baling (small bales) is available locally. Call Scott for a price quote. Evenings or weekends are best! 801.465.7695.

Hand-Painted Pumpkins

Personalized, hand-painted pumpkins are available each October. They range in size from XS to XXL. A birth certificate and shipping for each unique “Pumpkin Pal” is available upon request. Cost varies. Contact us for more info.​